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31 January 2023

Pre-Registration Awards Available!

Avatar Generations has finally come! Available on both Android and iOS join the gaang and play NOW!

App Store: 

Google Play:

Create your very own Team Avatar as you journey across the Four Nations collecting all your favorite heroes. Avatar Generations begins with The Last Airbender saga, and will include timelines and Avatars from different generations! Not to mention new adventures along the way. 

We'd like to thank each and every one of you who pre-registered. As promised, pre-registrants received the following rewards: 

  • Gold - Item used as currency and various actions in the game, including training, upgrading arts and relics as well as feeding pet companions!
  • Energy - Stamina is used to do battles in the Campaign and certain Dungeons.
  • Nature Stones - Can be used in exchange for items in the shop, summoning and to decrease exploration time.
  • Skip Tickets - Item used to instantly clear a quest battle and earn all of the EXP and rewards from that stage. 
  • Appa - Equip Appa to an active party member to increase your team's HP by 15%.
  • Food - Item that can be fed in various quantities to level up any pet.
  • Event Summon Ticket - Item used for summoning in different events.
  • Elements - Item used to level up your party members.
  • Last Airbender Aang 5 Hero Ticket - Ticket used to summon Last Airbender Aang guaranteed 5. Aang is a support healer that can protect and amplify his allies or disempower the enemy.

You can participate in various events and quests throughout the months to earn even more rewards!