6 February 2023

Live Events

Current Events: 

Warriors Heart

Summon for exclusive 5★ Kyoshi Warrior Suki!

The Warriors Heart Event is here! This new event is focused on the legendary Kyoshi Warriors! We have a new set of Event Challenges to complete, a new Event Calendar, a new Special Offer Pack, and the return of the Warriors Heart Summon Banner! Login each day for 7 Days to obtain various rewards from the Event Calendar and use the Event Currency obtained from the Challenges to buy new packs from the store!

Complete new challenges and earn Event Currency to obtain:

  • 4★ [Earth Kingdom] Kyoshi Warrior (Offense)
  • 4★ Kyoshi Warrior Katana Relic - Summon Tickets
  • Summon Tickets

The Warrior's Heart Event will run from until 4:00pm PST on February 14th! 

Boundless Journey

Complete the event challenges and earn rewards!

Complete the Boundless Journey event challenges! Clear battles, resource and timed nodes! Earn adventure points from Exploration Paths and spend them in the shop or to unlock new areas!

Featured rewards:

  • Snow Leopard Caribou Fur
  • Mountain Apple
  • Unagi Fin
  • Adventure Points
  • Nature Stones

The Boundless Journey event will run until 4:00PM PT on February 14th!

Energy Endurance

Spend energy in battles and earn various rewards!


  • Energy
  • Skip Tickets
  • Nature Stones

The Energy Endurance event will run until 4:00PM PT on February 7th!

Upcoming Events:

Blade of the Master

The mysterious and powerful Master from the Patola Mountains arrives to show the true meaning of strength.

Earn the exclusive 5★ [Patola] Dojo Master (Mind) guaranteed after 10 summons on the Blade of the Master Banner.

  • 5★ [Patola] Dojo Master (Mind) - Guaranteed 100% after every 10 pulls
  • 4★ Wander’s Veil Relic (Exile) - Guaranteed 100% after every 10 pulls

This is a limited event banner, only available from February 7th to February 21st at 4pm PT.




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