Energy Endurance | Ends on 02/08/24 04:00

Spend energy in battles and earn various rewards!

Spend Energy in battles to earn various rewards!


  • Energy - Stamina is used to do battles in the Campaign and certain Dungeons.
  • Skip Tickets - Item used to instantly clear a quest battle and earn all of the EXP and rewards from that stage.
  • Nature Stones - This item can be used in exchange for items in the shop, summoning and to decrease exploration time.

The Energy Endurance event will run until 4:00PM PT on February 7th!

Boundless Journey | Ends on 06/19/26 04:00

Complete the event challenges and earn rewards!

Complete the Boundless Journey event challenges! Clear battles, resource and timed nodes! Earn adventure points from Exploration Paths and spend them in the shop or to unlock new areas!

Featured rewards:

  • Snow Leopard Caribou Fur
  • Mountain Apple
  • Unagi Fin
  • Adventure Points
  • Nature Stones

The Boundless Journey event will run until 4:00PM PT on February 14th!